Rounakari, Tuomas

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General description

Tuomas Rounakari (formerly Laurinen) has composed music from small ensembles to symphony orchestras ranging from free improvised jazz to a divers blend of ethnic traditions. He has composed music for films and dance theatres in Finland, Germany and USA. His compositions have earned several international prizes including the 1st prize in Toronto Camerata Competition and the Pro Musica award. In October 2004 he visited as a quest composer in ICMS 8 at Sorbonne University, Paris, presenting his composition for string orchestra.

As a violinist Mr. Rounakari is best known for his solo performance entitled Shamanviolin which has toured in Finland, Germany, Hungary, Russia and USA.. Mr. Rounakari is classically trained, but continues to explore improvisational areas with different ensembles.

As an ethnomusicologist (MA, Helsinki University) Mr. Rounakari has directed two documentary films. ”Martta Kuikka” is a portrait of an 80-year old Karelian lamenter and ”Veriuhri” is about a Khanty sacrificial ritual in Siberia. His main fields of studies is in ritualistic music of the north specificaly amongst Finno-Ugric people. He works as an active lecturer and teacher of Karelian laments – music of the rites of passage.

Special skills

Orchestration and conducting, Orcestrating for unusual instruments and there combinations in diverse styles, Filmscoring.

Toimin seuraavissa rooleissa
Muusikko - Musician - Musiker
Opettaja/kouluttaja/ohjaaja - Teacher - Lärare
Sovittaja - Arranger - Arrangör
Säveltäjä - Composer - Kompositör

violin, selfmade instruments and vocals, conducting

Fields of teaching

Karelian laments (lectures andworkshops), Shamanistic and ritualistic music of Arctic cultures, composing and arranging, ensemble-playing.

Genres or styles of music / dance

Classical, divers ethnic styles and free improvisation.

Readiness to perform

See Shamanviolin